The walk-in closet is no longer just for adults. Today’s children and teens are being treated to custom closets that offer the best in quality, function and style. Whether they are fitted lavishly or more practically, kids’ closets share some of the same fixtures as their grown up counterparts and also have some pint-size challenges and solutions.

Racks & Baskets: Adjustable racks for clothing and shoes, peg-boards and hooks, some hide-away cabinets and drawers, and lots and lots of storage space are the way to go for kids. Instead of incorporating adult style displays and built-ins, these closets work well with open shelving full of storage baskets and boxes for putting things away easily.

Multi-function: Today’s custom closets for children incorporate multi-functional elements that take their busy lives into account. One example is a command station or task zone that has a chalk or bulletin for listing chores and assignments and an adjacent desk for doing homework.

Hold Back on Whimsy: It’s tempting to go all out with a theme or motif that your child loves today but favorites will likely change as he or she grows up. One day it’s SpongeBob and Dora and the next it’s Captain Marvel or the kids from ‘Stranger Things.’ Confine decorative themes to boxes, hooks and other elements (like posters) that can be easily switched out for new ones.

Ages & Stages: Like changing themes, the key to designing a kids’ custom closet is to build in the ability to grow it along with your child. Baskets that can be re-labeled; shoe racks that can hold larger sizes, adjustable rods and shelves, and even desks, which can be made larger and raised higher, are the way to go.

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