Why limit a closet to one main function – that of organizing and storing your belongings – when it can be put to multiple use? That’s the question many homeowners are asking as they visualize their ultimate custom closet.

Closet With Shoe Shelves And Chair

As a result, today’s master bedroom closets are designed with a variety of features like dressing areas, seating, specialized furniture and even workspaces, coffee makers and lots more.

The Star is In: Just like in Hollywood, you too can have your own dressing room. How about a floating ‘island’ to put oft-used items down and pick them up again easily, along with a built-in hamper and plenty of storage drawers, shelves, trays and boxes?

Vanity is a Virtue: what dressing room is complete without a vanity section? Built-in components can include a countertop, dedicated lighting, drawers for storing make-up and grooming tools and a storage ottoman for a seat.

Go Up: Optimize vertical space by fitting shelving to the ceiling and then installing a sliding ‘library’ ladder. Not only will it give you easy access to items stored up high, you can also stage your outfits, or hang belts, ties, scarves or necklaces along some of the rungs.

Work-A-Holic?: You’ve probably heard of turning a small closet into a workspace nook. But how about adding a workspace nook to your multi-functional, walk-in closet? A simple and attractive long desk or counter, with built-in electronics, will allow for a laptop, a router, a coffee maker and even a small fridge.

Chill-Out Lounge: If it’s difficult, amid the hubbub of everyday life, to clear a space for meditation, then installing a fountain, some statuary and a Zen sitting pillow will put you right.

The possibilities for multi-use in custom closets are as vast as the imagination. Let Contemporary Closet Concepts help you visualize your new features today.